Alaskan Bush People: Bushcraft Chronicles

So, it’s been a while since I updated this newsfeed, mostly because I’ve been on one show forever. Namely, I was working at DCTC cutting a series of “enhanced reloads” of Alaskan Bush People. In this 8×60 series, we went beyond the reload by conceiving of, producing, and shooting new “A threads” and built reloads around them. Each episode contained 12-14 minutes of original material, new graphics, bumpers, and of course, a reloaded episode. I’m pretty proud of what we pulled off here, enjoy!

National Geographic Video Wall

I recently had the pleasure of creating six stunning installation videos for the National Geographic Museum. Working with the incomparable SciEx team, NGS clients, and NGP producers; I had the opportunity to participate in creating the 10K instillation that welcomes visitors from all around the world to National Geographic’s world renown museum and headquarters.

National Geographic Video Wall- The Greeks from on Vimeo.


National Geographic Video Wall: Photo Ark from on Vimeo.


National Geographic Video Wall: We Are Explorers from on Vimeo.

Redesigned Marriott

A great example of production coming by way of post, this spot for Marriott hotels (executed for Sapling Pictures) was forged entirely in the edit suite. By editing existing client reels and implementing a custom graphics kit, the launch of ‘Redesigned Marriott’ campaign was a pleasure to create; stock + graphics = alchemy!